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By working with Bonfire Consulting, participants will have new ways to understand themselves, those they work with, and how motivation occurs. This will lead to more engagement, innovation, and productivity.

Below are some of the Learning Outcomes that people receive from Bonfire Consulting programs:

  1. Better at leading/working on different types of change
  2. More adaptable and agile
  3. Improve risk taking, open-mindedness, and dealing with ambiguity
  4. How to be more effective and efficient in setting goals and leading projects
  5. Know how to leverage their personality strengths and soften blind spots
  6. Expand the ability to communicate with different types of people
  7. Tips on how to form more effective teams and analyze existing teams
  8. Learn about the right times to use homogenous team and heterogeneous teams
  9. Enhance the ability to get ideas heard, talk to upper levels and influence
  10. Boost inclusion and cognitive diversity skills
  11. Receive methods for creating trust and building relationships with team members
  12. Apply motivational models to team members and overall culture 
  13. Better understanding on sources of interpersonal conflict and how to reduce tension
  14. How to lead teams and projects that have revolutionary/disruptive goals
  15. Improved recruiting and retention for leaders – people want to work with and for the best leaders

In addition, teams and departments see the following positive impact:

  1. A happier, more engaging workplace
  2. Increased team performance and output
  3. Working in a more innovative, inclusive and collaborative culture
  4. Better able to adapt during times of change
  5. More feelings of being heard, valued and appreciated
  6. Improved communication within the team and outside the team
  7. Increase in the amount of new ideas being shared as well as more out-of-the-box ideas   
  8. Increase in risk taking
  9. More likely to have psychologically safe conversations
  10. More accountability to one another

Benefits to the organization include:

  1. A boost to output – higher performing leaders and teams produce better results
  2. Enhanced employee engagement scores and motivation level – better managers have happier employees and teams
  3. Improved employee retention percentages – people will want to stay with the team/company
  4. Better client satisfaction and retention – more engaged employees have more engaged clients
  5. Talent attraction – people want to work at organizations that people enjoy working for
  6. More adaptable and agile when going through times of change