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Our programs have central themes, but each one is tailored specifically to the goals and needs of the client. For most projects, we use our 4D-S methodology: Discovery, Dynamics, Develop, Deploy, and Sustain


We get to know what our client is facing and where they are trying to move towards. Understanding the current state and desired future state helps us tailor our experiences to the scenario.


In this stage, we use tools to help people better understand themselves and the environment they are working in. By having common frameworks and language, we take things that are invisible and help people see the dynamics at play in themselves and in their team. This makes it easier for the group to have meaningful conversations and discussions on how best to maneuver in the future.


This is the stage where the group comes together and the Discovery and Dynamics move into action. The goals of the client will help determine what takes place, but typical methods could include:

  • Workshops
  • Facilitated group meetings
  • Leadership consultation
  • Coaching
  • Ideation sessions
  • New idea events


In this stage we prepare and deliver a formal Report that synthesizes all of the work that has occurred as well as provides recommendations for the group’s ongoing success. The Report output is in Word and/or PowerPoint.


Clients get busy and can fall into old habits. This stage includes following up and making sure that the next steps that were agreed upon are taking place.